"I have been in manufacturing for 25 years and have always been in charge of having the perishable tooling reworked. Since I started using Primary Tool I can honestly say I have been impressed with the quality and customer service this company provides. They are willing to go the extra step and do not stop unless the product is perfect. In all my years in this industry I have never been this satisfied with any other cutter grinding company. Primary tool has been my rock!"


Bill S.,

Assistant Machining Supervisor

What Clients Say About Us

Rob C.,

Launch Process Engineer

"Primary Tool’s design, quality, cost, and delivery time have worked very well for our needs.  For example an aluminum machining operation was having problems with consistent supply of MQL (minimum quantity lubricant) through the cutting tools, which as a result depleted the inventory of our usual long-lead-time PCD-tipped 8mm drill. This application machined 20 holes 30mm through a part at 16,000 RPM on two consecutive parts.  We had a limited supply of back-up carbide tools from a big-name supplier where the tool life was set at 800 quality parts verses our usual 18,000 parts for the PCD. The carbide back-up tools were being ran at the non-optimal PCD tool’s high spindle speed equating to 402 SMM with feed rate of 0.300mm/min.  We were running low on those back-ups as they were being reground.  We asked Primary Tool for help and they created and supplied their carbide tools at a great price and delivery lead time. Their carbide drills worked better than the competition and established a new setpoint of 1200 parts.  One of the carbide drills from Primary Tool was unintentionally left in a CNC machine past the scheduled tool change life of 1200 parts and achieved 5500 parts (110,000 holes) before wearing out.  One particular tool during that time apparently cut dry, with the machine stopping for high cutting force.  The flutes of the tool were found completely packed with solid aluminum, rather than breaking.  Another time during an experiment where  MQL supply through the tool was low, the drill from Primary Tool continued to cut 40 consecutive holes of 2 parts each with a loud squeal and actually broke out the back-side of the aluminum casting rather than breaking the drill, also creating two very hot parts.  I commented these tools must be made of Kryptonite! – Thank you to Primary Tool for all of your support with great tools!"